MAXHiBOi - The Remote Controlled Car and the Sewer Adventure


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  • Q- Why do you start from the very beginning once you end your game ??
  • A- We specifically designed the game to do that within keeping of the original arcade machines of the 80's. Traditionally you put your money in the slot, played your game, when your 'lives' ran out you put another 10p and started again.
  • Q- How do I turn off the sound ??
  • A- You can simply use the mute button on the side of the iPhone to turn off the sound. We thought it would be best to use this method rather than designing a specific button (using up valuable screen real estate) that would just get in the way and probably seldom be used.
  • Q- What are LURD controls and what does it mean ??
  • A- LURD simply is an acronym for Left, Up, Right, Down.
  • Q- Why do you have two types of controls ??
  • A- Some people prefer the experience of controlling MAXHiBOi with only a thumb (LURD), rather than Modern Retro controls that uses both thumbs.
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Coming soon

MAXHiBOi - The Radio Controlled Car and the Sewer Adventure

MAXHiBOi's toy remote control car has fallen down the sewer and smashed into pieces. Help MAXHiBOi avoid the munching Crittes and collect all the missing pieces to fix his car before the air supply runs out !!

Walk Through Tips

more coming soon...

In game tips

  1. Correct exit for inbetween collection Level 2/3 (find the way out)

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